Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 1: History & Mission Statement

Toms Shoes was the brainchild of entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie and began running back in 2006. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, he took a trip to Argentina where he saw first hand children roaming the streets shoeless. While in Argentina he saw  non-profit organizations working to help the children, but their efforts were flawed they were using old shoes some missing laces and some almost completely damaged. After seeing the situation Blake decided to embark on a new business venture that would help others in need. While at a polo match Blake noticed a certain type of shoe on the players feet, that are known as "Alpargata" which is the main design of all Tom's Shoes today. Blake named the company "Shoes for Tomorrow" later shortened to "Toms". The company itself is based in Santa Monica, California. It is a For-Profit Company which means it provides a good or service to consumers. In Tom's Shoes case their shoes provide comfort with a great looking light weight shoe and with each pair sold a pair of Tom's Shoes is donated to a child in need. Although Tom's has only been around since 2006 it has taken the world by storm. It was featured on Oprah as one of her favorite things and has many celebrity clients.

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  1. Dear Mycoskie,

    This is a great opportunity for many teenagers to give back to the world while doing what they love- shop. I am amoung one of the millions of teens that have started to acknowledge the many unfortunate situations in other countries besides my own.

    This organization is one of my favorites; buy a pair of TOMS and give a pair to a country that needs shoes! genious. Continue with your great, generous work

    - Jasmine L